Our Story

Dilham Hall has been owned and farmed by the Paterson family since 1949. Fourth generation farmer Luke Paterson, and his wife Louise, see their job as custodians of this beautiful and unique part of Norfolk and set up Dilham Hall Retreats in order to share it with others .

With a focus on conservation and a profound respect for the natural environment, Luke and Louise Paterson have worked hard to make their whole business sustainable – both farming and agritourism. They are really proud that in the latest carbon footprint assessment, Dilham Hall Farm and Retreats was shown to be carbon negative.

The farm’s main crop is maize to supply anaerobic digestion plants. Dilham Hall alone produces enough green energy to power 250 homes every year. The crops are fed with organic manure from the anaerobic digestion plant, effectively using last year’s crops to grow the next year’s. Dilham Hall Retreats is an important part of this farming family’s business. Luke and Louise want to offer others the opportunity to be close to nature and to experience the joys of space and outdoor life.

Dilham Hall Retreats are separated into Couples Glamping (Broad Fen Retreats), Family Glamping (Tonnage Bridge), Camping & Bell Tents (Canal Camping) and Dilham Hall Canoe Hire – so there is something to suit everyone’s perfect countryside escape.

“We want to provide space. A chance to reconnect.
A retreat that creates memories to last a lifetime.”

Luke Paterson